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Invited Talks (not updated after 2019)

“Artificial Intelligence for Social Good”, ITU Summit on AI for Good, Geneva, Switzerland.

“The Risks of Trusting AI in Cybersecurity”, Cybersecurity Leadership Summit, Berlin, Germany (video).

“Ethical Challenges of AI in Cyber Defence”. AI Fest – MoD, Berkshire, UK.

“AI and Intelligent Design”, TEDx Ortygia, Siracusa, Italy (video).

“AI and Cyber Conflicts”, Optic Summit, Paris, France (video).

 “Ethical Governance of Artificial Intelligence”, German Federal Academy for Security Policy, Berlin, Germany.

“The Governance of Artificial Intelligence, The Case of Interstate Cyber Conflicts”, Recht im Kontext, von Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

“Ethics and Technology”, Legal 500 & FTI Consulting, London, UK.

“AI and Cyber Conflicts: Ethical Challenges and Strategic Opportunities”, GCHQ, UK Ministry of Defence, Cheltenham, UK.

“The Good Potential of AI”, Japan UK Technology and Humanity in Education 2019, Royal Institute of Great Britain, London, UK.

“Ethical Challenges and Opportunities of AI”, Financial Conduct Authority, London, UK.

“Malicious Uses of AI, Ethical Analysis”, Artificial Intelligence and Criminal Law, The need for a Harmonised Approach in the Council of Europe Member States, Strasbourg, France.

“Artificial Intelligence as a Force of Good”, FLAT18, Fujistu Laboraties Meeting, Cupertino, US.

“Ethical challenges of AI”, Prime Minister Office, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“The Next Wave of Cyber Conflicts”, Workshop on Future Regional Developments in Hybrid Threats, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (workshop organised in Skopje, Macedonia).

“The Ethical Risks of Digital Innovation in Healthcare”, OECD workshop on Minding Neurotechnology, Shanghai, China.

“Ethical Governance of AI”, Invited Talks Series, Department of Philosophy, University of Tongji, Shanghai, China.

“How To Deter in Cyberspace”, 5th Northern Headquarters Conference- NATO, Tallinn, Estonia.

“The Next Wave of Interstate Cyber Conflicts”, Cybersecurity & AI Session, CogX, London, UK (video).

Keynote panel: “What Brings Us Toghether”, OECD Forum 2018, Paris, France.

Panel: The Human-Machine Relationship: Towards Singularity?”, OECD Forum 2018, Paris, France (video).

Ethics of AI“, AI @ Oxford, UK.

Panel on “Disruptive Technologies in the Workplace”, Oxford Major Programme Management Conference, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK.

Digital Ethics to Shape Digital Innovation“, “Innovation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities”,  Oxford University’s Humanities Division, Social Sciences Division, and Oxford University Innovation, UK.

Digital Ethics and Innovation“, Women in Society (WINDS), Deloitte, UK.

Ethics of Cyber Conflicts“, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, UK.

What is Digital Ethics“, Proximity, 2017, UK.

Artificial Agents Do Not Sleep“, BTO 2017, Italy.

Ethics, Workforce, and The Digital Revolution“, Cross Government Roundtable, Accenture, UK.

AI, Cyber Warfare, and Human Rights“, Workshop on Algorithmic Decision Making and its Human Rights Implications, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG), Germany.

Cyber Security in Europe“, Round Table, International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, Belgium.

Ethics of AI“, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK.

“Cybersecurity risks in healthcare”, Workshop on Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare – Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects, Brocher Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland (2017).

“Data Ethics and ICTs Companies in Mature Information Societies”, TILTing Perspectives 2017: ‘Regulating a connected world’, Tilburg, Netherlands (2017).

“Harnessing the Value of Data”, Unlocking the Power of Data, TechUK, London, UK (2017).

“The Ethics of Cyber Conflicts”, Stars for Leader of the Next Generation, Stein am Rhein, Switzerland (2016). 

“Cyber Harm in International Relations”, Symposium on Automated and Autonomous Conflicts: AI, Ethics, and the Conduct of Hostilities, University of Ferrara, Italy (2016).

Ethics of Data Science”, Alan Turing Institute, London, UK (2016).

“Responsibilities in the Digital Age”, Trust & Accountability in the Digital Age, 2016 Skoll Word Forum, Said Business, School, Oxford, UK (2016).

“The Responsibilities of Online Service Providers”, IACAP-CEPE 2016, University of Delaware, Delaware, US (2016).

“Perché l’etica nella società dell’informazione: il caso della cyber warfare”, Università degli Studi di Ferrara, Italy (2015).

“Information warfare: the ontological and regulatory gap”Workshop on Technology mediated tragic decisions in military, cybersecurity, and humanitarian crises – University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland (2015).

Attack, Force and Violence in the Cybersphere, a New Ethical Framework”, The Digital Frontier – The Internet as a War Zone, Zebis – Centre of Ethical Education in the Armed Forces, Berlin, Germany (2015).

Young, Woman and Academic, Celebrating Women from computer ethics to information ethics, CERNA – Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France (2014).

“Regulating access to data, a systemic purpose oriented approach”, keynote at the Computer Ethics Philosophical Enquiries (CEPE) 2014, CERNA – Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France (2014).

“Laws and ethics of cyber warfare”, Cyberwar, Ethics, and International Humanitarian Law: Notes for a Workshop at ICRC’s Humanitarium, headquarter offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Geneva, Switzerland (2014).

“Policies for the well being in the information age”, panel on Information and Policy, 6th Workshop on Philosophy of Information, Duke University, USA (2013).

“La pace ai tempi della rivoluzione dell’informazione”, La pace risultato di una relazaione, NEXA Centre, University of Turin, Italy (2013).

“Ethics in the information age, why bother?”, World Technology Summit, Rockfeller Centre, New York, USA (2013).

“The policy of information”, Uehiro Seminar in Practical Ethics, University of Oxford, UK (2013).

“Online trust: an environmental analysis”, Trust in online environments – interdisciplinary faculty and PhD workshops, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, Norway (2013).

“Balancing cyber security and individual liberties”, Oxford Cyber Security Seminar, University of Oxford, UK (2013).

“Online Security and Individuals Rights, An Ethical Balance”, 2nd Annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics, Loyola University Chicago, (2012).

“A Unified Ethical Theory for Just Cyber Warfare”, Cyber Power: The Quest Towards a Common Ground 2012, The Air Force Research Institute (AFRI), (2012).

“Ethics of Cyber Warfare”, Fourth International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CyCon 2012), NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (2012).

“How to do Ethics of Technology”, The Ethics of The Future: Co-responsible Implementation of Governance Approaches in Technological Projects (EGAIS Final Conference), Albert Borschette Building (2012).

“The Role of Trust in Social Interactions”, Interdisciplinary Workshop on Trust and Reputation, Paris Descartes University (2010).

“Informational Warfare a Philosophical Perspective”, Eighth European Conference on Computing and Philosophy (E-CAP 2010), Technischen Universität München ( 2010).

“A prioritised multi-modal polymorphic type theory for formalising trusted communicationss”, (with G. Primiero) Second International Workshop on Philosophy of Information, Bilkent University ( 2010) .

“Levels of Responsibility in Informational Conflicts”, James Martin Advanced Research Seminar Series (2010).

“An Information-based Solution for the Puzzle of Testimony and Trust”, Workshop on Philosophy of the Information and Computing Sciences, Lorentz Center (2010).

“Toward an Analysis of e-Trust in Distributed Artificial Systems”, INSEIT lecture at Eighth International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE’09), Ionian Academy (2009).

“e-Trust: A new perspective for Its Anlysis”, Workshop on Philosophy of Virtuality: Deliberation, Trust, Offence and Virtues, Norwegian University of Science and Technology  (2009).

“Epistemological Implications of the Praxical Solution for the Symbol Grounding Problem”, University of Tartu (2007).

Conference Papers

Moral Responsibility for Hybrid Systems in Cyber Warfare, a Case for Distributed, NATO CCD COE 5th International Conference on Cyber Conflict (Tallinn, Estonia, 4-7 June 2013).

Going beyond privacy, 18th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology (Lisbon, Portugal, 4-6 July 2013).

Just War Theory and Information Warfare, CEPE Conference- Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry (Lisbon, Portugal,1-3 July 2013).

Individual rights in the information age, Fifth Workshop on the Philosophy of Information (Hertfordshire, UK, 27-28 March 2013).

Just Information Warfare, AISB/IACAP 2012 World Congress, University of Birmingham (Birmingham, UK, 2-6 July 2012).

Informational Rights, The 5th International Conference on Information Law ’, Ionian University (Corfu, Greece, 29-30 June 2012).

The Role of Trust in On-Line Interactions, E-Leaders Berlin, Berlin School of Economics and Law, IMB Institute of Management (Berlin, Germany 2-4 June 2012).

Informational Warfare and Just War Theory, International Association of Computing and Philosophy (IACAP’11), Aarhus University (Aarhus, Denmark, 4-6 July 2011).

Informational Warfare: a Philosophical Perspective, Ninth International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE’11), University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 31 May-3 June 2011).

Informational Warfare: A Shift Towards Non-Physical Powers, 17th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT’11), University of North Texas (Denton, Texas, 26-29 May 2011).

Panel one-Trust: for and against, Eighth International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE’09), Ionian Academy (Corfu, Greece, 26-28 June 2009).

E-trust as a morally Boolean phenomenon, 7th European Conference on Computing and Philosophy (E-CAP’09), Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, (Bellaterra, Catalonia 2-4 July 2009).

Analysing the occurrences of e-trust in a network of artificial agents, Twenty Fifth North American Conference on Computing and Philosophy (NA-CAP’08), Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 14-16 June 2009).

Applying Information Ethics to Business Ethics, Network Ethics: The New Challenge in Business, ICT and Education, Centre for Ethics Business and Economics, Catholic University of Lisbon(Lisbon, Portugal, 23-25 June 2009).

From Trust to E-trust: Old Theories and New Problems Solving the Ethical Dilemma of Trust“, Twenty fourth North American Conference on Computing and Philosophy (NA-CAP’08), Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana, USA, 9-12 July 2008).

Modelling Trust in Artificial Distributed Systems, Sixth European conference on Computing and Philosophy (E-CAP’08), University for Science and Technology (Montpellier, France, 16-18 June 2008).

A Praxical Solution for the Symbol Grounding Problem, Twenty third North American Computing and Philosophy Conference (NA-CAP’07), Loyola University, (Chicago, USA, 26-28 July 2007).

The Problems of Trust: a Review of the Main Theories of Trust, Fifth European Conference on Computing and Philosophy (E-CAP’07), University of Twente, (Enschede, Netherlands, 21-23 June 2007).

Has the Symbol Grounding Problem been solved?”, Fourth European Conference on Computing and Philosophy (E-CAP’06), Norwegian University for Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway, 22-24 June 2006).

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