News & Awards



  • My interview (in Italian) for Codice Rai 1 on cyber warfare and cyber deterrence.
  • My interview (in Arabic) for AlJazeera on the regulation of state-run cyber attacks.
  • Editor-in-chief (elect) of Minds & MachinesI will start serving the journal on June 2016.
  • Special issue of Philosophy & Technology on “Landscaping Strategic Cyber Deterrence” (CFP)
  • An interview (in Italian, min. 7:53) for Giovani Talenti-Radio il Sole 24 ORE.
  • A brief interview for The Guardian on “Data protection: a critical part of good corporate citizenship?”.
  • An interview for the Italian national tv (RAI: Speciale TG1 December the 7th 2014) on the use of autonomous robotic weapons.
  • A report and podcast (in german) of the panel on Cyberwar – die digitale Front, Zebis, 25 September, Berlin 2014.
  • Workshop: Ethics and Policies for Cyber Warfare – NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence & University of Oxford. The workshop will be held at the Magdalean College, University of Oxford, 11-12 November 2014.
  • Ethics of Cyber-Conflicts: An Introduction“, under contract for Routledge.
  • An interview for the italian ‘Formiche’ on the Turing Test.
  • IACAP’14to be held at the Anatolia College/ACT, Thessaloniki, Greece, July 2-4. 2014. The program is available here.
  • An interview for the Italian national tv (RAI) on cyber war.
  • The volume on “The Ethics of Information Warfare(Springer) is now available for pre-order on Springer’s website, editors Luciano Floridi & Mariarosaria Taddeo.
  • The special issue of Philosophy & Technology (Springer) on Online Security and Civil Rights is now available on SpringerLink, guest-editor Mariarosaria Taddeo.



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