News & Awards

I received the 2010 Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy; the 2016 World Technology Award for Ethics. In 2018, InspiringFifty named me among the most inspiring 50 Italian women working in technology. ORBIT listed me among the top 100 women working on Ethics of AI in the world. I was one of the twelve 2020 “Outstanding Rising Talents” named by the Women’s Forum for Economy and Society.

Listed as one of the outstanding young female leaders of the Rising Talents Initiative 2020 of the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society, in collaboration with Lazard and Spencer Stuart.

Appointed Dstl (Defence Science Technology Laboratory of the UK Ministry of Defence) Ethics Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute.

Appointed as a member, representing officially the UK, in the Exploratory Team on Operational Ethics, established under the auspices of the Human Factors and Medicine (HFM) panel of the NATO Science and Technology Organization.

My TEDx (Ortygia) talk on Ethical Challenge of AI (in Italian with subtitles).

My interview (min 3.10) for The Guardian’s Chips with Everything podcast on Ethics and Digital Technologies.

My interview (in Italian) for Codice Rai 1 on cyber warfare and cyber deterrence.

My interview (in Arabic) for AlJazeera on the regulation of state-run cyber attacks.

Member of the Europe Policy Group of the World Economic Forum.

Qatar Crisis: Lessons to Learn in The Age of Cyber Attacks, my op-ed for Newsweek.

My participation in BBC RADIO4 Moral Maze on the Moral Philosophy for the Internet.

Delighted to have been appointed fellow of Global Council for the Future of Cybersecurity of the World Economic Forum.

Editor-in-chief (elect) of Minds & MachinesI will start serving the journal on June 2016.

Special issue of Philosophy & Technology on “Landscaping Strategic Cyber Deterrence” (CFP)

A brief interview for The Guardian on “Data protection: a critical part of good corporate citizenship?”.

The CFP for the Alan Turing Institute Workshop The Ethics of Data Science-The Landscape for the Alan Turing Institute.

A short interview for Wired UK on NHS-approved health apps leaking private data.

My commentary on the HackingTeam for The Conversation.

The agenda of the workshop “Understanding the Responsibilities of Online Service Providers in Information Societies, Oxford Internet Institute, October 9, 2015.

My commentary on regulating cyber warfare for the Policy and Internet Blog, Oxford Internet Institute.

My commentary for formiche (in Italian) on “Un nuovo equilibrio tra libertà individuali e Stato“.

An interview for the Italian national tv (RAI: Speciale TG1 December the 7th 2014) on the use of autonomous robotic weapons.

My commentary (in German) on ethical problems of cyber warfare (min: 25:53) for Der NDE.

A report and podcast (in german) of the panel on Cyberwar – die digitale Front, Zebis, 25 September, Berlin 2014.

Workshop: Ethics and Policies for Cyber Warfare – NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence & University of Oxford. The workshop will be held at the Magdalean College, University of Oxford, 11-12 November 2014.

Ethics of Cyber-Conflicts: An Introduction“, under contract for Routledge.

An interview for the Italian formiche on the Turing Test.

An interview for the Italian national tv (RAI) on cyber war.

The  talks given a the NATO CCD COE Workshop on Ethics of Cyber Conflict are available.

The volume on “The Ethics of Information Warfare(Springer) is now available for pre-order on Springer’s website, editors Luciano Floridi & Mariarosaria Taddeo.

The guest-editor of the special issue of Philosophy & Technology (Springer) on Online Security and Civil Rights.

Call for papers for a Special Issue “Information Societies, Ethical EnquiriesPhilosophy & Technology.

A brief text on “Just War Theory and Cyber Warfare, for Practical Ethics, the blog Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford.

Cyber and Drone Attacks May Change Warfare More Than the Machine Gun – My interview for The Atlantic.


2013 World Technology Awards in Ethics  awarded by the World Technology Network.

2010 Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy  awarded by the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP).

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