Conferences and Workshops

Conference tracks and workshops I organised or chaired.

  • Workshop: The Ethics of Cyber Activism, University of Warwick (Coventry, UK, 2014).
  • Workshop: Ethics of Cyber Conflict – NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, CASD, (Rome, Italy, 2013).
  • Workshop: “Online Security and Civil Rights: A Fine Ethical Balance”, (co-sponsored by the University of Hertfordshire and Google’s Public Policy Department), University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, UK, 2012).
  • Member of the Turing Centenary Advisory Committee.
  • Workshop: “First International Workshop on The Ethics of Information Warfare”, University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, UK, 2011).
  • Panel: “e-Trust: For and Against”, Eighth International Conference of Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry (CEPE’09), Ionian Academy (Corfu, Greece, 2009).

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