Articles & Invited Chapters


The Ethical Governance of the Digital During and After the COVID‐19 PandemicMinds & Machines, 2020.

Virus e tecnologia: perché sono importanti scelte eticheAspenia, June 2020 (pdf).

Trusting Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity, a Double-Edge Sword, Nature Machine Intelligence, 2019 (M. Taddeo, T. McCutcheon, L. Floridi).

Is Cybersecurity a Public Good, Minds & Machines, 2019.

Designing AI for Social Good: Seven Essential Factors, Science and Engineering Ethics, DRAFT (J. Cowls, T. King, M. Taddeo, L. Floridi).

The Ethics of Digital Well-Being: A Thematic Review, Science and Engineering Ethics, 2019 (C. Burr, M. Taddeo, L. Floridi).

Three Ethical Challenges of Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity, Minds & Machines, 29(2),187-191.

Artificial Intelligence Crime: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Foreseeable Threats and Solutions, Science and Engineering Ethics, 2019 (T. King, N. Agrawal, L. Floridi).

The Civic Role of Online Service Providers, Minds & Machines, 29(1), 1-7.

How AI can be a force for good, Science, 361(6404), 751-752 (M. Taddeo & L. Floridi).

Romans would have denied robots legal personhood, Nature, 557 (7705), 309-309 (L. Floridi and M. Taddeo).

Deterrence and Norms to Foster Stability in Cyberspace, Philosophy & Technology, 2018 (pdf).

How to Deter in Cyberspace, Hybrid CoE – The European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats, Strategic Analysis June-July 2018 (pdf).

Regulate artificial intelligence to avert cyber arms raceNature, 556, 296-298, (with L. Floridi).

The Grand Challenges of Science Robotics, Science Robotics3(14) (with Yang, G.-Z., J. Bellingham, P. E. Dupont, P. Fischer, L. Floridi, R. Full, N. Jacobstein, V. Kumar, M. McNutt, R. Merrifield, B. J. Nelson, B. Scassellati, M. Taddeo, R. Taylor, M. Veloso, Z. L. Wang and R. Wood).

The Limits of Deterrence Theory in CyberspacePhilosophy & Technology (open access), forthcoming.

Trusting Digital Technologies Correctly, Minds & Machines, 27(4): 565–568 (pdf).

Deterrence by Norms to Stop Interstate Cyber Attacks, Minds & Machine, 27(3): 387–392 (pdf).

Cyber Conflicts and Political Power in Information Societies, Minds & Machine, 27(2):265-268 (pdf).

Data Philanthropy and Individual Rights, Minds & Machines, 27(1): 1-5 (pdf).

On the Risks of Relying on Analogies to Understand Cyber ConflictsMinds & Machines, 26.4, 317–321 (pdf).

Data Philanthropy and The Design of the Infraethics for Information Societies, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 374: 20160113 (pdf).

What is Data Ethics? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 374: 20160113 (with L. Floridi) (file).

Philosophy and Computing in Information Societies, Minds & Machines, 26.3, 203-204 (pdf).

The Debate on the Moral Responsibilities of Online Service ProvidersScience and Engineering Ethics, forthcoming (pdf).

Just Information Warfare, Topoi2016, 35(1), 213–224. (pdf).

The Struggle Between Liberties and Authorities in the Information AgeScience and Engineering Ethics, 2015, 21.5, 1125-1138 (paper-SEE-preprint).

Information Warfare: The Ontological and Regulatory GapAPA Newsletter on Philosophy and Computers, 2014, 14.1, 13-20 (APA-cyberwarfare-preprint).

What Ethics Has To Do With the Regulation of Cyberwarfare, Ethics and Armed Forces Controversies in Military Ethics & Security Policy.

Cyber Security and Individual Rights, Striking the Right BalancePhilosophy and Technology, 2013, 26.4, 353-356.

An Analysis For A Just Cyber Warfare (pre-print)NATO CCD COE and IEEE Publication, 2012.

Information Warfare: a Philosophical PerspectivePhilosophy and Technology, 2012, 25.1, 105-120.

A model Type Theory for Formalizing Trusted CommunicationsJournal of Applied Logic , (with G. Primiero), 2012, 10.1, 92-114 .

Internet Neutrality: Ethical Issues in the Internet Environment, Philosophy and Technology, (with M. Turilli, A. Vaccaro), 2012, 25.2, 133-151 .

The Case for e-TrustEthics and Information Technology, (with L. Floridi) 2011, 13.1, 1-3.

Analyzing Peer to Peer Technology Using Information Ethics, The Information Society, (with A. Vaccaro) 2011, 27.2, 105-112.

Trust in Technology: a Distinctive and a Problematic RelationKnowledge, Technology and Policy, 2010, 23.3-4, 283-286.

An Information-Based Solution for the Puzzle of Testimony and Trust, Social Epistemology, 2010, 24.4, 285-299.

Modelling Trust in Artificial Agents, a First Step toward the Analysis of e-Trust, Minds and Machines, 2010, 20.2, 243-257.

The case of on-line trust, Knowledge Technology and Policy, (with M. Turilli, A. Vaccaro), 2010, 23.3-4, 333-345 .

Defining Trust and E-trust: Old Theories and New ProblemsInternational Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI) Official Publication of the Information Resources Management Association, 2009, 5-2, 23-35.

Turing’s Imitation Game: Still an Impossible Challenge for All Machines and Some Judges – an Evaluation of the 2008 Loebner Contest, Minds and Machines, 2008, 19-1, 145-150.

A Praxical Solution of the Symbol Grounding ProblemMinds and Machines, (with L. Floridi) 2007, 17.4, 369-389.

Solving the Symbol Grounding Problem: a Critical Review of Fifteen Years of Research, Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, (with L. Floridi) 2005, 17.4, 419-445.

Invited Chapters

On The Risks of Trusting Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Cybersecurity in The 2020 Yearbook of the Digital Ethics Lab, SpringerNAture, forthcoming (Chapter).

Norms and Strategies for Stability in Cyberspace in The Global Race for Technological Superiority: Discover the Security Implications, ISPI, 2019 (Chapter-ISPI).

The Civic Role of Online Service Providers in Mature Information Societies, in The Oxford Handbook of Intermediary Liability Online, Ed. Gianfranco Frosio, Oxford University Press, 2020 (Chapter).

The Moral Value of Information and Information Ethics, invited chapter in The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Information, Ed. L. Floridi, Routledge, 2016.

An Ethical Framework for Information Warfare, invited chapter in  Protection of Information and the Right to Privacy – A New Equilibrium?, Ed. L. Floridi, Philosophy of Law, Comparative Law, International and European Law, Springer Book, forthcoming.

An Ethical Framework for Information Warfare, Protection of Information and the Right to Privacy – A New Equilibrium?, ed. L. Floridi, Philosophy of Law, Comparative Law, International and European Law, Springer Book, 2014.

The Importance of Information in Business Ethics, invited chapter in Business Ethics, Eds. M. Boylan, Prentice Hall, NJ, 2013.

Fiducia On-Line: Rischi e Vantaggi, invited chapter in Manuale di Informatica Giuridica, Eds. U. Pagallo, M. Durante, UTET, Torino, 2012.

Modelling Trust in Artificial Agents, a First Step toward the Analysis of e-Trust, invited chapter in Trust and Virtual Worlds: Contemporary Perspectives, Eds. C. Ess and M. Thorseth, Peter Lang, Bern, 2011.

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